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logo grulla"Winged Cranes. Cranes, in English, means the machine crane, the bird crane and in French skull. 

When I lived in south London, back in 2008, every day had to pass the bridges crossing the river to go to work and come back home. It was nearly three hours I spent in buses every day, writing and looking for myself between the lines of my notebook. And cranes were always working on the docks in the construction of buildings by the river. I've never seen so many cranes together.
Ale Prieto

Alejandra Prieto
(Spain, 1973)


Artistic Director The Winged Cranes. 

M.F.A in theatre concentrated in directing at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She is a theater director, performer and specialist in bunraku puppets and Viewpoints technique. She´s learned and developed the techniques from bunraku puppet masters such as Dan Hurlin, Basil Twist, Blindsummit and Viewpoints technique from Anne Bogart and the Siti company. In 2008 she funded the company The Winged Cranes In London, and in 2010 she moved to Spain. 

As a teacher has taught bunraku, theater directing, Viewpoints and acting technique in several centers and institutions in Spain, the U.S.A and the UK. She has collaborated with other artists and theatre companies such as Blind Summit, Improbable Theatre, Antigravity within others. 

As the theatre director of The Winged Cranes she has directed "Bernarda´s Backstage", "El Cuerpo Ausente", "Ifigenia Peep Show", "Robota" and "El Sillón".


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 Maricruz Planchuelo (Spain, 1977)







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